• Author: Jekaterina Lutinska | 13.12.2023

    Custom Dashboard Pictures!

    Exciting Update Alert! Your Ride, Your Style! Introducing the latest feature in SIZZAPP: Custom Dashboard Pictures!


  • Author: Jekaterina Lutinska | 14.06.2023

    Unleash the Thrill: Summer Motorcycle Trips, Lifehacks

    Rev up your summer motorcycle trips with the SIZZAPP GPS tracker! Enjoy the freedom of the open road while staying connected and in control. Say goodbye to subscriptions and experience real-time tracking without limits.


  • Author: Jekaterina Lutinska | 13.04.2023

    SIZZAPP GPS Tracker sans abonnement pour motos

    SIZZAPP Real-time GPS Tracker without subscription for bikes | Smart Alarm Review by Yammie Noob USA


  • Author: Jekaterina Lutinska | 28.03.2023

    Sizzapp New App Goes Live. Try Now!

    We are excited to announce that SIZZAPP NEW APP is going live in just one week! On April 3 you'll be able to download the new app from AppStore or Google Play. New design, improved existing features, new features - all this will be available on April 3, so save the date!


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SIZZAPP is a digital security and service platform that connects users to their motorcycles and favorite services through a mobile application. It is a convenient solution for any vehicle owner who wants to use his vehicle comfortably and safely. In addition, a new innovative functionality is being developed within the project.
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