Custom Dashboard Pictures!

🌟 Exciting Update Alert! 🚀 Your Ride, Your Style! Introducing the latest feature in SIZZAPP: Custom Dashboard Pictures! 🏍️

Now, you have the power to make every ride uniquely yours by swapping out the default image with your favorite picture. Here's how to do it:

1️⃣ Go to Settings 🛠️ 2️⃣ Navigate to Garage 🏍️ 3️⃣ Select List 📜 4️⃣ Pick a Unit 🏍️ 5️⃣ Find Picture Settings 🖼️ 6️⃣ Choose your favorite image and make every ride a reflection of your style! 🌈

Express yourself on the road with SIZZAPP! Update now and let your dashboard tell your story. 📲🏍️

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