Follow these simple steps to start using SIZZAPP solution:

1. Locate the battery of your vehicle to connect the SIZZAPP 2-wired GPS device.

2. Connect the black SIZZAPP wire to “—“ and then connect the red SIZZAPP wire to “+”.

3. Secure the SIZZAPP 2-wired GPS device in a horizontal position.

4. Download the SIZZAPP mobile app from Google Play or App Store, login into the app with your phone number or email address and add your SIZZAPP device by entering its IMEI number (15 digits) which can be found in the SIZZAPP box.

5. Make the first short ride to activate the device and make it work.

SIZZAPP Device Installation Manual can be also found in the video format:

Device Installation Manual


SIZZAPP is Smart tracking and security system and reliable trip mate for your vehicle.

It is compact, easy to install monitoring device without contract and monthly fees.

Save and share your trips, track your vehicle location, protect it from thefts and receive notifications even if you are not around.

With the help of this document, you will learn everything about working with the SIZZAPP application, from how to register an account to all the features available in the application.

You can download SIZZAPP APP Manual here:


Or you can also scroll down this page to see it on the website.


App language
Field for entering your email address
Field for entering the code received via email
Authorization methods
Registration / Authorization Screen
Code Confirmation Screen

Main menu

Weather (at user’s location)
Vehicle name
Vehicle battery charge status
Connection status of the SIZZAPP device with the server
Total distance of all routes for the current day
Rides together with your friends
Go to trips section
Organizer/ events reminders
Go to home screen
Vehicle status (parked in motion)
Map with vehicle location
Number of new PUSH notifications
The current speed of the vehicle
Main screen / Dashboard


User account picture
User account ID
User first name
User last name
User account username
Delete account
Save information
Account management screen

Device settings

Add a new unit
Vehicle account settings
Field for entering the unique 15-digit device IMEI number
Field for entering the unit’s name
Add the unit
Vehicle list management screen
Adding new unit screen


Real-tracking of the vehicles enable /disable feature
Autofit enable /disable feature
Vehicles on one map control screen
Units’ names and current speed
Real-tracking of the vehicles enable /disable feature
SOS feature enable/disable to send the members a notification that you need help
All the ride’s member on one map screens



Vehicle name
Maximum acceleration of the day
Selecting a period
Real-tracking of the vehicle enable /disable feature
Geofence settings
Maximum speed of the day
Trip history
Eco-drive feature
List of routes and stops
Trip sharing
Trip screen
Calendar and list of routes and stops screen



See the geofence on map
To edit or delete a geofence click on the needed geofence and press Edit
Geofence settings
The list of all geofences
Geofence notifications settings
Creating a new geofence
Geofence screens
Geofence name entering
Entering the geofence starting point
Setting the geofence notifications when entering / leaving the zone
Entering the geofence radius
Creating a new geofence screen


Eco drive

Opening / closing the list and calendar
Selecting a period
Showing a calculated score in % based on driven distance and event count of acceleration, braking and harsh turning
Eco-drive / Driving style screen


Distance today

Total distance of all routes of the current day
Sharing the distance today screen
Distance today screen

Share the trip

Selection of desired trips
Speed and address displays
Cancellation / Sharing in the GPX or PNG
Share the trip screen
Share the trip screen
step 2

Speed Statistics

Graphic display of speed
Speed statistics
Select the date to display
Sharing the speed screen
Detailed speed screen

Settings menu

Signing out of the user account
User name
Last year’s data
List of your vehicles
All your vehicles on one map
Remote unit configuration
Application language
Value measurement system in the application (temperature and speed)
Notifications and their settings
SIZZAPP Product Terms of Use
The most frequent questions and answers
Review SIZZAPP Solution link
Contact form for feedback
Support SIZZAPP link
Application main settings screen


Methods for receiving notifications
Available event types
Scheduled date / Selecting a new date
Choosing a notification method
Organizer settings screen
Technical inspection event screen


Silent Mode

Types of available notifications
Choosing a time period of Silent mode activation
Methods for receiving notifications
Notification settings screen


Selecting date range
Unread notifications
Read notifications
Clear the date range
Mark all shown notifications as read
Notifications screens

Remote unit configuration

Available configuration event types
Setting the chosen values configuration option
Reset to default configuration option
Remote unit configuration screen


List of all your active rides with friends
To open the ride information double press on it
Open the leaderboard of the ride
Add a new ride
See the chosen ride on map
QR code to send to your friends
Copy the ride invitation link
My rides screen
Leaderboard screen
Add the ride’s picture
Enter the ride name and description
Choose the unit/-s you want to participate in the ride with
Ride’s participants
The ride’s owner/creator
Leave the ride forever
Create a new ride screen
Chosen ride’s information screen


All the events and their information
Sharing / cancellation
Last year’s detailed statistics screen


Shown on the main dashboard widgets
Not shown on the main dashboard widgets
Widgets setting screen


FAQ Screen
Product terms and conditions screen
Contact SIZZAPP Team screen
Review the SIZZAPP Product screen

We have concluded updating and supporting the original version of the SIZZAPP app as of April 1st. In case you wish to stick with the original version, we have prepared a comprehensive user manual to answer any questions you may have.

You can download old SIZZAPP APP Manual here:

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